Diet Doc’s hCG Diet Plan – How hCG Works for Weight Loss

Are you ready for summer? Does your mind’s eye see the thin you from years ago?

Our pricing makes the Diet Doc Plan more affordable than other hCG diets. Our mission is to work with people to create a customized diet specific to each individual. We are confident hCG Dieters will lose up to 1 lb. per day!

There are many reasons people fail to lose unwanted weight. It’s not your fault! Don’t resort to diet pills, bariatric surgery, lap band, or starvation. Weight loss is our business, and we are only successful if you lose the weight!

Our diet plan is low in carbohydrates and is doctor recommended for people with various medical conditions. Losing weight can be beneficial to your health. We’ve created a variety of unique hCG diets for people with various medical conditions, including people looking for a diabetes diet. Why do other physicians go on our hCG protocol? Because it works!*

While other hCG dieting programs have you eating only 500 calories per day, our program has evolved to the 21st century and beyond! Our diet is much more effective than any other hCG weight loss program in existence!*

The original hCG diet was developed in 1954 by Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons. He advocated an extremely restricted 500 calorie per day diet. However, eating so few calories per day is inherently risky and could lead to health problems. We have learned a great deal about weight gain problems, nutrition, and weight loss since the 1950s.

Most websites make claims that hCG permanently resets a person’s metabolism. This is false. No clinical studies in the USA support this information. Any type of diet requires long term strategies, such as eating right to maintain weight loss. Where Diet Doc stands out is that we offer ongoing nurse and weight loss coach support, without additional charge. Your success is our success!

You achieve success because the Diet Doc physicians, nurses, and weight loss coaches work with you to develop a unique, personalized diet plan that uses hCG while uncovering the reasons for your weight gain in general. If you are an active person, or a vegetarian, or have as little as 10 pounds to lose, our hCG Diet is customized to you as an individual. We are so effective because we personalize the diet to meet your specific body type and lifestyle needs.*

The Journal of the American Medical Association warns against the Dr. Simeons 20 and 40 day hCG diet cycle, saying “continued adherence to such a drastic 500 calorie regimen is potentially more hazardous to the patients’ health than continued obesity.”

hCG Diet Protocol: Highlights of Our hCG Diet Program

Call to speak with one of our expert weight loss consultants.img1
Appointments are available in most states within the USA.
We do not support the old, unsafe 500 calorie per day Dr. Simeons Diet!
Diet Doc is a proprietary diet program. We customize the program for each person. We offer individualized diet plans for every body type and lifestyle (athletes, vegetarians, and people wanting to lose 10 or 100 pounds). Caloric intake typically varies between 850 and 1250 per day.*
You will not feel hungry on our hCG Weight Loss Program! As a matter of fact, we ask that you call us if you are hungry.
This is not a 20 or 40 day hCG diet like so many others! Our method of delivery allows you to continue beyond 40 days until you reach your weight loss goal.*
You do not have to avoid make-up, shampoo, or lotions as with the original Dr. Simeons weight loss protocol! We have found that make-up and lotions do not slow down weight loss.*
Three times a day, drink yummy, chocolate or vanilla shakes that are formulated for our Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss Program!
Eat delicious chocolate and peanut butter bars that are formulated specifically for our Diet Doc Program!
Receive a comprehensive doctor and nurse visit, plus receive a detailed patient workbook outlining step-by-step instructions on how to follow our Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss Program!
Receive a unique 100+ page hCG Cookbook!
Receive unlimited support from our highly qualified weight loss coaches and nurses throughout the program. Speak to someone any time you have a question, without additional cost!
Lose fat and conserve muscle! A 500 calorie diet alone may cause weight loss, but much of that loss will be muscle, which is unsafe. Reach your goal of a healthy weight!*
Keep the weight off! Our unique, one-of-a-kind Weight Maintenance Program will keep the weight off and provide tools and knowledge you will need to stay at your ideal weight.*
Feeling hungry all day is not part of our hCG diet. As a matter of fact, hunger is normally an issue of under eating or high blood sugar. We ask that you call us if you are unusually hungry, so we can make modifications to eliminate your hunger.
Selling hCG online without a doctor-patient consultation is illegal. Also, most hCG sold online comes from out of the country. We have had patients come to us who bought hCG online and are suffering from negative reactions. We had this “online hCG” tested and found it was animal hCG. Don’t risk your health! Work only with a doctor who is NOT advocating the 500 calorie diet and who prescribes hCG from a USA pharmacy.

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