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At Diet Doc, we are committed to aiding our patients’ weight loss experiences to the best of our ability, with world class services provided by weight loss experts. Many patients experience an occasional dieting rut and become uninterested in their food.

Almost always, a low calorie diet will consist of much of the same foods, consumed far too frequently. Dieters tend to find what works for them and stick to it. But even if results are being achieved, and the weight is falling off, this is still dangerous for a diet because it can lead to snacking and even reverting back to poor eating habits altogether. When eating becomes a chore, people lose interest. This is when it becomes easy to slip back into poor eating habits.

In order to avoid boredom with dieting, we offer a one-of-a-kind hCG cookbook, filled with healthy recipes. Our cookbook is intended to guide the weary dieter down the homestretch towards his/her weight loss goals.

For those of you who have been on our hCG diet for a while, tried all of the quote_296x157_ad301e0e76a2c97a5a8f6cdb089502d4healthy recipes in our diet cookbook, and are hungry (pun intended) for more variety in your meals, we’ve also put together a few handy videos that walk you through a few of our easy and healthy recipes.

These healthy recipes include a tasty Asian dressing recipe, a great way to church up a boring salad or even make Asian coleslaw, a parsley dressing recipe, again a great healthy recipe to make boring salads fun again, and a lemon pesto dressing that can also be used as a chicken marinade.

Each of these healthy recipes are compatible with our hCG diet plans, the most advanced medical weight loss available. While they will bring a dull salad to life, they will not destroy your diet.

Asian Dressing Healthy Recipe
Asian Dressing Healthy Recipe


Parsley Dressing Healthy Recipe Parsley Dressing Healthy Recipe



Healthy RecipesLemon Pesto Healthy Recipe



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