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Many times, people conduct Internet searches with the hope of obtaining answers to common questions we hear at Diet Doc HCG Diet & Weight Loss.

Diet Doc is a ketogenic diet:
After phase 1 (loading), the dieter goes on phase 2 (low calorie portion) of the diet. It typically takes 3 to 4 days to enter into a state of ketosis. This is where the liver (when it’s isolated from processed food, including artificial flavors, sweeteners) and eating whole food, 3.5 to 4.0 ounces of lean protein the liver will burn fat at a rapid pace. This is called “ketosis”.

How do I mix my hCG?

Directions to Mix 4 week Daily HCG 4000 unit Injections (15 units per day – 6 days on/1 day off) – 30 day supply

Supplies you will need:

1.) HCG 4,000 IU’s Powder Vial
2.) 30 ml Barteriostatic Water
3.) 5cc Syringe with 21G Needle
4.) 24 Alcohol Swabs
5.) 24 Insulin Syringes

How to mix the dry HCG:
Ÿ Be extremely careful with needle!

Ÿ Remove the top of the chg powder and bacteriostatic water.

Ÿ Open the 5cc syringe and pull back on syringe to add some air (about 3 cc) into the syringe.

Ÿ Take the sterile saline water solution and puncture the top with the needle. Turn the vial upside down and push the air from the syringe into the vial.

Ÿ Withdraw 4.2 ml of the saline water into the syringe.

Ÿ Take the HCG powered vial and push the 4.2 ml bacteriostatic water into the dry HCG vial. (Pink powered will dissolve within two minutes.) REFRIGERATE after mixing.

How to do daily self-injection for 6 days:

Ÿ Clean the top of the HCG vial every time you prepare an injection with an alcohol pad provided, set aside.

Ÿ Take the insulin 50 unit syringe provided and uncap both ends of the syringe.

Ÿ Pull back on the syringe to 15ml filling with air.

Ÿ Insert the syringe straight into the HCG Vial, being careful not to bend the needle. Turn the vial upside down and push the air from the syringe into the vial creating a vacuum.

Ÿ Draw back to the 15 unit marker.

Ÿ Pinch your “fat roll” on your stomach (alternate sides left and right each day), and cleanse the area with the alcohol pad you set aside.

Ÿ Inject the needle in the pinched area and press the plunger until medication is dispensed.

Ÿ DISPOSE of the used needle safely by dropping into a secured plastic bottle (water bottle or milk jug with a top works great.) Once full, take to your local pharmacy for proper disposal.

Return HCG to refrigerator.

Repeat injection process 6days straight, one day off.

-To view a video on mixing your HCG go to our website:

What does the hCG do?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed by FDA law to speak about the benefits of hCG for weight loss as it’s not permissible by law until it’s approved specifically for weight loss (it’s approved for fertility and used “off label” by doctors which is allowed).

What are the potential side effects of HCG for Weight Loss?

Diet Doc’s medical director is considered a weight loss expert and the only physician in America trained and who developed the only modern-day version of the hCG diet program.

People ask what are the HCG diet dangers, and rely solely on the Internet as theonly source of research to answer this question. Higher level doctor guidelines are not readily available to the public. The source for current, doctor guidelines is “Up-To-Date” Add to the fact that doctors do not have anywhere to go to learn about modernizing the 1950 A.T.W. Simeons HCG diet protocol. The only clinical guidelines that exist for using the hCG hormone in an hCG diet program is through Diet Doc, or use the 50 year old HCG diet protocol.

Web MD reports that starvation diets are also known as extreme caloric restriction. Starving is very dangerous and includes serious health problems, including: extreme hunger, fatigue as the body’s main fuel source is normally obtained by eating enough essential nutrients.

Major amounts of fatigue can interrupt daily functions and result in an aching body, mood swings and insomnia

Gallstones can also form during very low calorie diets as well. Extreme low calorie diets raises cholesterol in the gallbladder and the body loses the ability to expel bile efficiently.

Woman who are obese (higher body mass index than what is considered normal) are also at risk of developing gallstones when on starvation diets.

Starvation diets can also cause cardiovascular problems and damage the heart, brain and/or even cause heart failure and stroke.

Where to buy hCG

Buying hCG online (or any prescription medication) is illegal according to Federal USA law. Those who chance it, risk having the medication seized at the US Customs Office and if they receive, they are being sold animal hCG normally from pregnant hamsters or rats.

HCG must be purchased with a doctor’s prescription and filled by a licensed USA pharmacy. The HCG also must be human sourced and not synthetic.

What can I expect when on the HCG diet program?

Diet Doc HCG Diet Plan Doctors complete a thorough review of each patient’s medical history and a customized/personalized a HCG diet plan for each person taking into consideration their health history, gender, age, and lifestyle. This allows for maximum weight loss for each person.

Diet Doc revolutionized the hCG weight loss program by incorporating four master diets into one program, which is personalized and highly effective for people.

Once the patient enters the ketogenic phase (phase 1) of the HCG diet program, they can expect little to no hunger, energy and improved sleep.

Dieters remove all sugar, carbohydrates, anything artificial, including artificial sweeteners, limit lean protein to 3.5 to 4.5 ounces per day (doctor will recommend based on the health history and activity level of each person). Dieters are encouraged to eat unlimited low glycemic vegetables, drink HCG weight loss shakes developed specifically for the Diet Doc HCG Weight Loss program which helps dieters remain full, provides protein and micro nutrients typically lost during dieting.

Dieters are also encouraged to use a special weight loss oil (MCT) which contains 100% pure MCT oil. MCT is clinically proven to burn fat within 30 minutes of consuming. Diet Doc manufacturers their own MCT oil after learning that the two manufacturers in the USA put 42% glycerin in their MCT oil which negated the benefits of 100% pure MCT oil.

Dieters can also incorporate delicious, hCG diet food created by Chefs specifically for the HCG weight loss program. The entrees include: chicken gumbo, Thai chicken, hot & sour, steak soup and more. The HCG diet food is only 30 calories and has zero sugar, carbohydrates or artificial anything.

Dieters can further enjoy what we call “free” calorie foods. These are angel hair pasta, rice and fettuccini that has no carbohydrates as it’s made with a flavorless root. Use to make many, wonderful tasty dishes from our hCG diet recipe cookbook containing 100’s of hCG meal plans.

Dieters received unlimited weight loss support from the Diet Doc doctors, nurses, nutritionists and weight loss coaches 6 days per week.

HCG Diet Program – HCG Diet Plan Workbook and Protocol:

The Diet Doc Weight Loss Doctors wrote a patient hCG diet program workbook outlining how to do the Diet Doc Weight Loss Program from A to Z.

Many people ask what additional foods they can eat after a few weeks on the program. Typically, our response is once in ketosis (where the liver burns fat at a rapid pace), some people can experiment by adding things suitable to them personally. We can’t give an overall response to this question as the answer would not apply to everyone. Our weight loss doctors, nurses and nutritionists are the best to respond (call 6 days/week).

Other people ask if they can have alcohol while on the program. Normally, no, but we have heard of dieters removing fruit from their diet and replacing with one glass of red wine. It seems any more than 1 glass will slow down the weight loss.

Nuts and avocados are not allowed due to their high fat content.

Dairy is typically not allowed, including whole eggs (egg whites are allowed for breakfast) as 50% of Americans have dairy sensitivities and this could hamper the dieter entering a ketogenic state of burning fat. Once the dieter enters ketosis, we tell people they can experiment and if they remain in ketosis, then that food should be fine to eat as long as the weight loss continues.

Diet Doc incorporated the hCG diet food, weight loss shakes and weight loss oil, noodles/rice/fettuccini and hCG seasonings into an easy, 30-day HCG diet plan which makes it very simple to follow the hCG diet protocol.*

Diet Doc Weight Loss also offers weight loss supplements which are recommended by the doctor based on each person’s health history.

No hunger – Patients report they simply have no desire to eat:

Although it seems like a small amount of calories if you eat 800 per day, when you are on the Diet Doc HCG Diet Program, many people simply do not have the desire to consume 800 calories per day. People must eat the minimum calories per day as per the doctor or their weight loss will slow down or stop. The minimum amount the Diet Doc Dieter can eat is lunch, dinner and the 3 or 4 weight loss shakes per day (to give them the added vitamins/minerals they will need + protein to avoid muscle loss).

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