HCG Injections

Many people ask us what type of hCG our doctors prescribe. We have two choices…..injectable hCG and tablet hCG (oral).

Prescription hCG Injections – Requires a Diet Doc Physician Consultation and Prescription

RETAIL PRICE AS LOW AS $199 a month (Plus Doctor Consultation fee.)

Diet Doc Physicians often prescribe hCG (off-label) along with a personalized weight loss program and products while losing weight. We prefer to use injectable hCG as the method of delivery (sub-cutaneous) in the fold of skin on the abdomen, which is absolutely painless. This is because the needles used are the size of a human hair (insulin needles ½ cc).

Diet Doc hCG comes with prescription grade B12 inside the hCG for added energy.

As a side note, hCG drops do not have hCG inside, this is why the FDA banned the drops as they were false advertising claiming the drops were “prescription grade” or 100% pure hCG drops when the equivalent of hCG was 1 drop per two swimming pools of water.

The hCG is not mixed when it’s sent out. Its freeze dried and can last for a few years if left unmixed.

Bacteriostatic water is also sent and drawn up to insert into the vial of hCG.

When bacteriostatic water is added to the hCG, it mixes instantly and is ready-to-use. The vial of hCG will require immediate refrigeration.

We are often asked how long the hCG will last inside the refrigeration….the hCG goes down in potency by 10% after 30 days, and 10% each month thereafter.

Each patient receives a vial of hCG, mixing kit, insulin needles and alcohol pads. Normally, hCG is purchased in one month vials, or can be purchased in a 2 week quantity as well.

It’s important to note that hCG should never be purchased online. This is because buying prescription drugs online is illegal. The hCG that you might find online is from India or China and is not human sourced. This means the hCG is from pregnant hamsters or rats. Using illegal medication can be life threatening or cause severe health problems since it’s not created in a licensed, Food and Drug Administration pharmacy.

Patients often report better results with the injectable form of hCG.*

Diet Doc Physicians typically prescribe (off-label) 150 IU’s (international units) per day for those with 40 pounds or less to lose. People needing to lose 50 lbs or more are often prescribed 200 IU’s daily. Diet Doctors will go over the administration of hCG.*

The prescribing doctor will go over each person’s health history to make sure he/she is a good candidate to receive hCG.

Contraindications: stroke, deep vein thrombosis, on nitroglycerin medication, insulin, cancer, hypercoaguable disorders, any monoclonal antibody treatments (rituximab, Enbrel, etc) or with paraproteinemias (myeloma or MGUS Waldenstroms) or lymphoproliferative disease histories are normally considered contraindications.

We do not sell prescription grade products without a valid prescription.

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