hCG Diet Plan

What is the hCG Diet? The hCG Diet was the creation of Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in 1954: the hCG hormone was given in a low dose, along with patients’ consuming 500 calories per day to achieve rapid weight loss, reported at 1 pound per day.*

hCG injections are the preferred method of using hCG. Diet Doc also offers hCG in tablet form, which is sublingual (under the tongue). Anything taken orally (swallowed) is not as effective since the stomach acids burn the delicate hCG molecule.*

Many people ask if there is an increased chance of getting pregnant while using hCG. The answer is that the dose is considered a “micro dose” and is too low to act as a fertility drug (hCG is approved ny the FDA for fertility treatments).*

Most companies offering hCG drops, sublingual hCG or the 1954 version of the Simeons “Pounds and Inches” protocol are using an unsafe weight loss program as people eat a mere 500 calories per day. This is where hCG diet dangers come into play. It’s not the hCG, but it’s the 500 calories (starvation diet) that make any diet like that unsafe. The reason is people who eat so few calories run the risk of cardiac problems, hair loss, extreme fatigue and hunger.*

Diet Doc Weight Loss is the only modern-day version of the hCG Weight Loss Diet. The doctors at Diet Doc updated the original hCG protocol; our protocol has dieters consume no fewer than 800 calories per day and also use/consume diet foods, weight loss shakes and weight loss oil specifically created for the hCG Diets.*

Diet Doc offers the following

Personalized diet from our weight loss doctors to help people reach their maximum daily weight loss potential.*
Thorough review of each person’s health history, which helps the doctor(s) plan how you can best lose weight and keep it off. The doctors can often determine the underlying causes for the weight gain.*
Receive a thorough hCG Diet Program overview of your personalized diet and modern-day version of the hCG Diet, conducted by one of our Diet Doc Weight Loss nurses or nutritionists.
Diet Doc’s is not a 23 or 40 day program – continue with the hCG and our Weight Loss Program for the entire length of time it takes you to lose the weight (call to find out how/why this is done).*
hCG purchase – once the doctor prescribes hCG for you, you are free to order additional if you have not lost all the weight.*
hCG shots – full kits with everything you need: order a two week supply, one month supply, or two months, etc.
Buy hCG with prescription grade B12.
Receive step-by-step instructions on the hCG Diet Plan, modernized by Diet Doc Weight Loss.
Receive our hCG Diet Cookbook with over 100 hCG Diet Recipes. Also receive hCG recipes from other Diet Doc dieters through the Diet Doc Forum and Blog.
Receive an hCG Menu on allowable foods.
Buy hCG foods created by chefs specific to the hCG Diet (30 calories, no artificial anything, no carbohydrates or sugar).
Participate in an hCG forum where you may ask other dieters and/or the Diet Doc Medical Director any questions you might have on hCG weight loss, hCG side effects, the hCG meal plan and hCG Diet Menu, and much more.

Your hCG Weight Loss Diet success starts here and is the beginning of a new YOU! Many people report getting off certain medications after losing the weight (check with your doctor first). Plan on sleeping better, experiencing mental clarity, a boost of energy, clothes fitting better and, with some people, an improved sex life!*

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