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Call for your free My DietDoc Health Questionnaire when joining the Diet Doc Weight Loss Program!

Diet Doc announces a personalized health supplement plan ($200 value, free for new patients) My DietDoc Health Questionnaire created for each person based on an extensive health history. The health questionnaire gets to the root cause of underlying health conditions and recommends a comprehensive health plan for each person.

My DietDoc Health Questionnaire is a subjective review of organ systems typically affected by diet, medications, stressful lifestyles and unhealthy habits over the last six months.

The My Diet Doc Health Questionnaire is based on standard, well-respected medical texts: The Michigan Manual of Clinical Diagnosis; Manual Nutritional Therapeutics; The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics; Ferri’s Clinical Advisor, Modern Nutritional in Health and Disease and more.

hCGTreatments is the only medical, weight loss organization providing this unique service. The My DietDoc Health Questionnaire uses a unique algorithm to create a personalized health plan for each person that will help improve the overall health of every person.

My DietDoc Health Questionnaire is an Internet enabled program used to score a symptom-based health questionnaire. Since this is an Internet-based system, the doctor or patient can complete their individual tasks from any location throughout the world, as long as they have Internet access.

The body systems reviewed, which in essence, affects every other organ and body system in the human body is:
Liver & Gallbladder
Adrenal & Thyroid
Glucose Regulation
Brain / Mood / Memory
Connective tissue
Male Health (Prostate)
Women’s Health

Call for your free My DietDoc Health Questionnaire when joining the Diet Doc Weight Loss Program!

…A New Perspective Using a Review of Organ Systems as a strategy
Identify underlying organ system imbalances that directly or indirectly contribute to existing health problems, including an inability to lose weight fast.
Solicit relevant symptom information that patients cannot always be relied upon to volunteer the during a new patient consultation.
Intervene early in the evolutionary process of disease development by achieving improved organ function and communication between systems with natural agents.
My DietDoc Health Questionnaire provides findings in a bar graph format for severity and frequency to help each person understand underlying health problems. Follow up reports indicate improvement within the target areas.
Organ/gland associated with reduction of health along with follow up reports showing improvement
Symptom or cluster of symptoms occurs
Develop a strategy and nutritional protocol to optimize the body’s self-healing mechanisms by restoring both internal and external balance

This $200 My DietDoc Health Questionnaire can be used alone or with the Diet Doc Weight Loss Plan, which promotes fast weight loss by personalizes a medical, weight loss plan by a skilled weight loss doctor for each person based on their age, gender, health history and lifestyle.

Using a one-size-fits-all approach to dieting does not work for the majority of dieters as over 50% experience problems while dieting, including extremely slow weight low or an ability to lose weight, including extreme hunger or fatigue. This is because there are often underlying conditions that make dieting difficult and slow. When these underlying health conditions are discovered and addressed, the dieter can expect rapid weight loss.

People completing the My DietDoc Health Questionnaire can expect to realize improved health and feel better within 30 days. This is because underlying conditions are addressed that might not even be known.
What is health? It is the body fully functioning on all cylinders states Wright.
What is health? When the body is performing at an optimal level, fast weight loss is realized along with improved memory, energy levels and an overall feeling of peace.
Diet Doc provides service to people nationwide.
Call for your free My DietDoc Health Questionnaire when joining the Diet Doc Weight Loss Program!

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