Diet Doc Rapid Diet: Fast Weight Loss, Doctor Supervised!

*Rapid weight loss averages 20-25 pounds per month
*Receive Doctor and Nutritionist consultations weekly
*Over a dozen medications and weight loss products available
*Receive doctor care via secure video conferencing and medication delivered by top USA pharmacies within days
*Use your health spending or flex spending accounts, or request letter coded for health insurance reimbursement

Medications used that helps with many issues, including:

*Emotional eating
*Carbohydrate and sugar cravings
*Night cravings
*Fat and carbohydrate eliminator (eat and fat/carbs are eliminated through waste)
*Problems feeling full, specialty medication that works in the neurotransmitter of the brain
*Fat burning injections
*Anti-aging and weight loss injections

Get started today, losing the weight you want! Call us at 888 934 4451 for your free weight loss consult.

and more…..

The multitude of studies on obesity and its effects on the human body reveal that carrying around even a few extra pounds has an alarming impact on the body. Obesity is considered the plague of the 21st century and contributes to the contraction of disease like heart disease, type II diabetes, and even certain types of cancer.

Diet Doc, the nation’s leader in prescription hCG offers medically-designed weight loss programs across the USA via telemedicine (secure video or phone).

Diet Doc offers prescription hCG by top USA pharmacies.

Diet Doc has managed people’s weight loss from those needing to lose more than 100 pounds to as little as 10 pounds.

If you are struggling with weight gain, contact Diet Doc today and schedule a free consultation with a leading weight loss physician.

If you are seeking a permanent, safe and healthy way to lose weight today, your solution is just a phone call away….

All new patients receive a complimentary evaluation, combining the health history of each patient, with our customized diet plans and an experienced doctor managing into the most powerful diet available in the USA.

Learn what may be at the root of your weight gain, and find information on underlying health conditions by completing our free diagnostic Health Questionnaire, free for all new Diet Doc patients beginning with a weight loss diet plan.

Diet Doc information

The Fundamentals of Weight Loss With A Prescription hCG Diet Plan:

  • This powerful hormone triggers the body to release stored fat from difficult to target areas.

  • The body enters a ketonic state, using this extra fat for energy instead of glycogen in the muscles. Our diet kit includes test strips to determine the amount of ketosis occurring in the body, as progress is rigorously monitored.

  • The body preserves its muscle mass in favor of easily burned excess body fat, now plentiful in the bloodstream due to the hCG diet protocol.

  • Energy levels remain normal, with some patient’s reporting an actual increase in energy. Although patients are consuming fewer calories while on the hCG diet, the body relies on its newly released fat stores to compensate. Since these fats are easily converted to energy, patients often report an increase in overall energy levels, despite consuming fewer calories.

The Basic Steps of Our hCG Diet Plans:

  1. Our certified weight loss physicians will first evaluate patient health history, lifestyle, age, gender, and other individual patient factors before creating a personalized hCG diet plan.

  2. Patients next consult with our expert weight loss staff, including nurses and dietitians to receive helpful information regarding the patient’s new hCG diet plan. During this time, the details of our hCG diet are discussed, individual patient considerations are reviewed, and detailed instructions for our specific hCG diet protocol are explained.

  3. The patient’s hCG diet package is express shipped, usually arriving within 2 days. Once materials arrive, each patient is encouraged to review instructions and contact Diet Doc if any additional support is needed.

Diet Doc Benefit – Our hCG Diet Helps You Lose fat while preserving muscle

  1. FREE initial physician evaluation, FREE health questionnaire, and FREE consultation and support for up to 1 year after completion of our hCG diet plans.
  2. Medically supervised and individually tailored hCG diet plans.
  3. The most modern version of the hCG diet, allowing between 850-1250 calories consumed daily.
  4. Only 100% pure prescription grade hCG treatments, no homeopathic, no additives, and only sourced from US, FDA approved pharmacies.
  5. Natural appetite suppression, no between-meal cravings or abnormal hunger.
  6. An easy-to-follow diet plan with simple, predefined nutrition parameters (protein/carbs/calories/etc.) customized to match your individual body’s needs.

Read for more hCG benefits! Also, check out our free Diet Doc Health Questionnaire offer when you join the Diet Doc Weight Loss Program!

Diet Doc’s hCG Diet Specialty

Aside from producing the best weight loss available, Diet Doc offers a host of unique benefits and services that other hCG diet specialists cannot.

  1. FREE expert weight loss consultation.
  2. Proprietary Weight Loss Maintenance Program: Helps you maintain your weight loss long-term.*
  3. 4 Phased weight loss approach: We simplify weight loss into four less intimidating phases, each closely supervised by our clinical staff.*
  4. Exclusive Diet Doc weight loss aids such as nutritional supplements, prescription diet pills, and pre-packaged diet foods, all created with optimal cohesion to your hCG diet in mind.

Begin Losing Weight Today!

Learn More About How Our hCG Diet Program Works!

You quite possibly have found your last weight loss diet ever!
On the Diet Doc program, most health insurance companies will reimburse the patient since this is a medically, supervised weight loss program.
Diet Doc welcomes a challenge! Have you failed on other weight loss programs? We will show you how you can be successful losing weight fast and safe!



Weight : 250 lbs
Weight : 200 lbs

Susan Calloway

Weight : 220 lbs
Weight : 132 lbs

Stacy Soom

Weight : 215 lbs
Weight : 121 lbs

What patients say About Diet Doc

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